Asiago Spinach Dip
A mixture of roasted red pepper, spinach and asiago cheese baked with mozzarella and served with carrots, broccoli and fresh baked crostini

Local Caprese
Fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and fresh local tomatoes, drizzled with a balsamic reduction and basil oil

Shrimp and Brie Toasts
House-made crostini baked with a mixture of diced shrimp and brie, topped with an apple relish. Drizzled with our balsamic reduction

Calamari Fritti
Batter-dipped then flash fried and served with a cilantro-lime aioli

Sophia’s Italian Nachos
Italian pasta chips piled high with asiago, marinara, roasted red peppers, scallions, kalamata olives, and  your choice of chicken or sausage

Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus Plate
Sun-dried tomato infused hummus served with our variation of flatbread

Gruyere Baked Mushrooms
Portobello, shitake, and button mushrooms sautéed with garlic, shallots, white wine, asiago, mozzarella, and gruyere. Baked and served with toasted bread points

Baked Italian Meatballs
Four house made meatballs baked with marinara, asiago cream, mozzarella and cheddar cheese

Filet Porto*
Four ounces of bite sized grilled beef tenderloin, topped with bleu cheese and port wine reduction

Tomato Basil Scallops
Sea scallops wrapped in bacon, finished with a delicate tomato basil relish

Rosemary Chips
A small plate of our house-made rosemary potato chips topped with feta, parmesan, and a garlic-infused  olive oil

Sophia’s Crab Cakes
Two flash fried panko breaded crab cakes and served with a honey wasabi vegetable slaw and cilantro aioli

Caesar Salad
A fresh blend of romaine and leaf lettuce tossed with house made Caesar dressing and focaccia croutons –  Full | Side

Grilled Romaine Hearts
Romaine hearts and red peppers, marinated and char-grilled, topped with parmesan cheese and focaccia croutons.  Served with our balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Sophia’s Salad
Mixed greens, cucumbers, carrots, red onions, and tomatoes topped with focaccia croutons and served with your choice of dressing

Added to Any Salad
Chicken | Salmon | Tuna

Add $1.00 for split orders
At Sophia’s, we request one check be presented for parties of six or more.

Chicken Salad with Almond Crusted Goat Cheese
Mixed greens topped with grilled chicken, almond crusted goat cheese, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. Served with our honey mustard dressing

Pancetta Salad
Mixed greens with portobello mushrooms, red pepper strips, pine nuts, sun-dried cranberries, and feta drizzled with a warm pancetta bacon dressing –
Full | Side

Melinda’s Spinach Salad
Fresh spinach with apples, strawberries, oranges, crumbled bleu cheese, and spiced walnuts. Served with your choice of dressing

Honey Mustard, Ranch, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Orange Ginger Vinaigrette or Oil & Vinegar. Warm Pancetta dressing available

Baked Shrimp & Roma Angel Hair
Shrimp, roma tomatoes, scallions and mushrooms tossed with an asiago dill sauce topped with mozzarella and baked

Mediterranean Chicken Pasta
Chicken, portobello mushrooms, red onions, tomatoes, artichokes and kalamata olives tossed with penne pasta in a pesto asiago sauce

Ravioli Aragosta
Lobster, shrimp and scallop ravioli topped with mushrooms, tomatoes, shallots, scallions and asiago cream sauce

Spicy Chicken & Sausage
Chicken, house made Italian sausage, mushrooms and red onions sautéed in diavolo butter and tossed with penne pasta in a marinara sauce | Add asiago sauce

Smoked Chicken Carbonara
Smoked chicken with prosciutto ham, red onion, peas, tomatoes, and penne pasta. Tossed in a rich parmesan cream.

Pasta Buonasera
Cheese-filled tortellini with pine nuts, tomatoes, spinach and scallions tossed in a light white wine sauce and topped with goat cheese

Ravioli Carne with Three Cheeses
Beef ravioli topped with marinara and baked with cheddar, asiago and mozzarella

Three Mushroom Penne
Portobello, shiitake and button mushrooms tossed with tomatoes, shallots and penne noodles in a sun-dried tomato pesto cream sauce

Chicken Mudega
Lightly breaded chicken breast topped with provolone cheese, sautéed button mushrooms, prosciutto ham, and a tarragon cream sauce. Served over angel hair pasta

 Horseradish Encrusted Salmon*
An eight-ounce fillet of salmon topped with a horseradish crust, baked and drizzled with a horseradish honey sauce. Served with our lemon butter asparagus

Smoked Chicken Pot Pie
Our unique version of the classic. Smoked chicken with peas, red onion, and mushrooms tossed in a buttery tarragon cream. Served in a pastry shell. Suggested Wine – Schloss Riesling

Brandy Cream Filet*
An eight-ounce beef filet grilled to order, served with a brandy cream sauce and butter cream mashers

*(medium well to well filets will be butterflied for timeliness unless otherwise requested)

House Cut New York Strip*
A house cut ten ounce grilled strip served with roasted  garlic and parmesan steak fries, grilled asparagus and topped with a fresh herb Maître d’butter.

Applewood Patchwork Chop
Fresh ginger brined twelve ounce Patchwork pork chop, served with a creamy bleu cheese polenta and grilled asparagus. Finished with a ginger apple chutney and spiced walnuts.

Pan Seared Ahi Tuna*
An eight ounce pan-seared, sushi grade ahi tuna topped with a honey wasabi vegetable slaw. Finished with a sweet soy reduction and sriracha aioli.

Tarragon Crab over Paillard of Salmon
Thinly pounded baked salmon topped with tarragon and herbed crab meat, served with asparagus and a potato cake. Finished with a sun-dried tomato pesto beurre blanc.

Add $1.00 for split orders
At Sophia’s, we request one check be presented for parties of six or more

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

Mediterranean Turkey Flatbread
House roasted turkey, marinated cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, feta, and a sun-dried tomato hummus, on grilled flatbread.

Pollo Wrappo
A delicate chicken salad folded with walnuts, cranberries, carrots, tomatoes, scallions and celery wrapped in a tomato tortilla

Sophia’s Royale with Cheese
A six ounce burger grilled and topped with a creamy roasted red pepper and spinach cream cheese. Served on a Kaiser bun

Sophia’s Meatball Sandwich
Our house made meatballs smothered in marinara, asiago cheese sauce, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese. Baked on Italian bread.

Gruyere Steak Sandwich
Toasted sourdough hoagie filled with grilled strip steak, button mushrooms, red onion, provolone, and gruyere cheese. Served with a creamy horseradish sauce

Sophia’s Spicy Buttermilk Yardbird Sandwich
A tender chicken breast marinated in buttermilk, breaded
with Cajun spices, deep fried and served on a toasted Kaiser with a spicy aioli and pickles.

The Hot Italian Sandwich
Genoa salami and provolone cheese melted with sliced red onion, pepperoncini, tarragon dressing, and spring mix on grilled sourdough hoagie

Sophia’s Burger
A six ounce burger grilled and  topped with your choice of cheese: American, Cheddar, Bleu or Provolone. Served on a Kaiser bun

Lemon butter asparagus, Buttercream Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli w/ asiago sauce, Sautéed spinach,  house made rosemary potato chips, or French fries.

Substitute House Salad, Caesar

Sophia’s Pizza Margherita
Roasted garlic cloves, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil pesto on our house made pizza dough. Finished with balsamic reduction, and basil infused olive oil.

Mediterranean Pizza
Pesto cream, artichokes, kalamata olives, tomatoes, red onions, portabellos, feta and mozzarella

Pizza Salsiccia
Marinara, Italian sausage, red onions, mushrooms, mozzarella and pepper jack

All pizzas served on 7” house made pizza dough

Fresh herb and spice plate for house bread available